Blog: A Walk in the Park

  1. A Little Adventure in the Snow - or The Only Way Out is Through

    2017-07-21 20:58:00 UTC
    I think the Emerald Lakes in winter look even more stunning. Whenever there is little time to get away and little time to plan for it I fall back on something I know. After two months of six-day working weeks combined with a breathtakingly painful back problem I managed to…

  2. Nelson Lakes National Park - What a treat!

    2017-05-10 05:19:00 UTC
    Every successful undertaking starts with good planning. In the case of a ten night tramping trip this means that on day nine I still have enough food for at least three or four days. You know, enough for the planned eleven days and then some spare in case of that…

  3. Head in the clouds - A walk around Mt. Taranaki/Egmont

    2017-03-13 02:28:00 UTC
    To me it seems Mt. Taranaki is covered in clouds more often than not. Either it wears some clouds on its top like a hat or it has a nice ring of clouds around its middle Let’s say I knew before I started my tramp around the mountain that I…

  4. Walk around the mountain - Ruapehu

    2017-01-24 07:03:00 UTC
    This summer is a very fickle thing. It doesn’t really want to stay and only ever seems to show its face for a day or two at a time. That doesn’t make for a good start to my 2017 project to go on a multi-day walk every month By choosing…

  5. The birth of “A Walk in the Park”

    2017-01-23 06:42:00 UTC
    At the end of every year lots of people look back at the kind of year they had and 2016 seemed to be a particularly polarizing one. I read just as many summaries of 2016 pointing out what a great year it was as I  read and heard people saying…

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